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For Puppies & Beyond Puppies (under 35 lbs.)

Let the Canine Learning Academy take care of your dog in a home environment where your puppy is part of the family. They get enrichment, love, personal attention and daily training!

Home-Based Board & Train

living with the trainer

We understand life and it’s challenges — between work, school, kids, homework, family, friends, and other commitment, it’s hard to find time to learn to train a puppy. Our certified, experienced trainer will help you make the best of your puppy’s critical learning time and spend dedicated time with your puppy to get the training results for you in a fraction of the time and will provide continued help and support for stronger, lasting results.

You wouldn’t hire a lawyer to learn to argue your case and neither would you hire a mechanic to learn to fix your car’s engine. Why hire a trainer to learn how to train your puppy? Leave it to a certified professional to assist you in achieving your doggie-goals, while you focus on other critical things in your life.

We only do Board & Train for one or two puppies at a time to ensure that your puppy gets individualized care and attention, multiple training sessions and field trips in a day combined with adequate play time. Our Puppy Board & Train program is designed to focus on puppy appropriate socialization, problem prevention, grooming and handling, and of course foundational manners. This involves multiple training sessions, field trips in a day combined with adequate play time, individualized care and attention and more.

Board and Train Includes:

In-Home Consultation

All training plans start with an in home consultation

1-3 weeks, 8 weeks

Board & Train’s Signature Program is for 20 days but other customized plans are available

Daily Attention

A certified professional dog trainer works daily, multiple private training sessions throughout the day with your dog

Foundation Training

Foundation Training and good manners training includes: sit, down, wait to get out of the car or go out the door, greet people politely, wait, stay, go-to-your-mat, come, loose leash walking, drop it, leave it and crate training

Transfer Sessions

In-home transfer sessions (should be scheduled weekly if possible)


Pick up and Drop off included (in Service Area)

Group Class

Enrollment in the relevant Group Class after the completion of training program 

Training Essentials

Treat Bag, Balance Harness & Leash included


What does a Board & Train day look like?

During your dog’s day in Board & Train they will be getting a morning exercise/ play session, followed by breakfast using an enrichment feeder or first training session of the day. Then they will have time to rest, some play time, field trip, and another training session. After another break for a nap, they will get dinner (Enrichment Feeder) and their final training session, followed by a final walk before bedtime. It’s a full day of learning and fun!

What will my dog learn in Board & Train?

What your dog will learn depends entirely on what goals you have for them. There are general foundation skills, but each puppy training plan is tailored around what you would like your dog to learn and focus on. Our consultation is where we learn about what you will be doing with your dog. We have some puppies that go on to travel regularly in a private plane, learn to assist their handler, live in high-rise complexes, become trick dogs, or go on to live in big cities.

What makes your program different?

As always our methods are 100% force free and positive reinforcement based! Unlike other boarding and training programs out there, we will not put a shock collar on your dog, EVER! We get results by teaching your dog what you’d like them to do and make those things what your dog wants to do! So not only is your furry friend a well behaved pup, but they are loving every minute of it! It’s a win-win!

What is Service Puppy Prep

Puppies being trained for service work will receive at a minimum at least 20 minutes a day of specific work training. On days in which we are not socializing your dog to the public or other dogs,   scent training will be added. Daily, your puppy will engage in frequent brain games that help teach your dog critical thinking skills. Additionally dogs being trained for service work will be taken to public places as a “service dog in training” so that they may get used to walking on different types of surfaces, experiencing new smells and sounds and exposed to the many different objects they will encounter in everyday life (shopping carts, sliding doors, elevators, skateboards, bicycles, wheelchairs, walkers, buses, etc). There is a minimum of 2 month stay with the trainer so that we can establish a regular schedule of their routine.

Puppies must be under 12 weeks to start, preferably 8-10 weeks.

All potential puppies must be go through a temperament screening  prior to enrollment in Service Puppy Prep Board & Train Program. If your dog does not pass  temperament screening, a $500 fee will be taken from your deposit and the remainder will be returned to you.

Trainer to dog ratio in Board & Train Program is 1 to 2.

Board & Train Puppies will be living with Certified Dog Trainer, we are Licensed, Insured and Bonded.

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7 days living with a Trainer

  • Includes 2 Transfer Sessions
  • 4 Group Classes



20 days living with a Trainer

  • Includes 4 Transfer Sessions
  • 12 Group Classes



Pick up Friday, drop off Sunday evening

  • Includes 2 Transfer Sessions
  • 4 Group Classes


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