Reframing Reactivity In-depth Program

Learn the proven strategies and skills for effectively and safely transforming your dog’s reactivity without using force or intimidation.

Do you have a dog that lunges, snarls, growls, or barks at other dogs or people?

Does your dog get so excited when seeing another dog that they pull you off your feet?

Does your dog feel out of control and over reacts more than usual?

Are you afraid your dog might accidentally hurt someone that comes into your home

You are not alone, reactivity affects 1 in every 3 dogs. During this program you will learn ways to better understand and communicate with your dog to empower them to make better decisions under stress.

Your dog’s Reactivity is not a voluntary behavior. Learn to teach your dog alternate behaviors when presented with the things that overwhelm them, build focus and attention to you, and reinforce calm behaviors.

Knowing the best choice for you and your dog in any given situation is the pathway to infinite success!

You and your dog will learn how to calmly handle any situation using proven and reliable handling techniques.

You will build your own confidence as a handler, and work as a team with your dog.

With the help of this world-class program you’ll have a better understanding of what’s going on with your dog and have a deeper connection that you could have ever imagined.




Through this program you’ll accomplish the following ever-lasting milestones:

On Leash Reactivity

Learn how to assess, support and create transformations for your dog.

Reactivity in the Home

Understand how to work effectively through situations arising in the home environment.

Frustration or Fear

Learn how to read your dog’s body language so you can better understand what to do.

Here is a small taste of what you will learn…

What reactivity is, what it is not and how it affects you and your dog
How to read canine body language and predict how they will react in different situations
How to build resilience and reduce stress for both you and your dog
How to stay positive even when its gets tough
How to exercise your dog without going for a traditionally daily walk
How to identify and manage stressors that cause your dog to over react
How to select appropriate equipment and handle your dog calmly and safely

Program Details

Downloadable Workbooks

Clinics, Workshops & Masterclasses

VIP Private Community

Extensive video library

Step-by-step coaching with a Live Trainer

Action Checklists

Orientation During orientation, you’ll receive an in-depth understanding of your dog’s behaviour, and materials to get your training started right away.

Video Library Over 100 High quality videos in an easy to access library that can be watched anytime, anywhere – on mobile phones, tablets or your computer!

Weekly live Virtual Classes  LIVE training with a certified Reactivity Specialist to ensure you’re on the right track every step of the way. Led by Yo Armendariz or Julie Fryam, both certified training partner with Karen Pryor Academy. 

Submit Videos for Feedback from our professional training team so that you can keep your progress on track

Trainer in your Pocket/ Live Q & A so you have an Expert Trainer to support you as you work through the program

Workbooks and Handouts From Rowdy to Calm Workbook and Diary so you can track your progress

Private 1-2-1 Sessions We’ll meet with you privately to check in and provide additional support to facilitate lasting behaviour change with your dog.

Invitation to our VIP community for unlimited support from your coach and a chance to meet and connect with other pet parents. Receive support, ask questions, and connect with fellow reactive dog parents.

Get access to a team of world class dog experts

Julie and Yo - Trainers

Your Trainers

Julie Fryman KPA CTP, CBATI, CPDT &
Yo Armendariz KPA CTP, CBATI, SDI

Both Julie and Yo Armendariz have experience caring and training for a wide range of animals and believes that a holistic, positive approach to medical and behavioral issues is necessary for all breeds and species. They maintain their commitment to continuing education through accredited animal science agencies

They are known for their ability to break down complex skills into easy steps, and for developing practical techniques that give the students a sense of achievement and success throughout the dog training process.

They are both very passionate about bringing humane, science-based training solutions to the community.

See what other Pet Parents have to say:

“I was referred to Canine Learning Academy from a friend. I took my Boston Terrier puppy home at 7 weeks and I reached out to The knowledge, care, dedication, and professionalism of Yo and her team is unbelievable. This was the best decision I made for Darla’s life; you will not find better than them! When Darla started as a 7.5 week puppy, she was timid, scared, and uncertain of her surroundings (as one would expect from a baby puppy). If i could give them 6 stars, I would. You get the picture!”

– Adam Michael

“First off incredible!!! Canine academy right away treated me and my wife as family. We had no idea what we were getting into when getting our dog Ludo. So we searched and searched for help everywhere. Yo and her team were a blessing to find. Yo sat down with us for an hour and went over everything. We are so incredibly grateful that Canine Academy is here for us and we are always in good hands. If you are thinking of having them train your dog please please just do it. You will have the best trained dog ever!”

– Jason Shelton

“I fully believe in virtual training. We started with Canine Learning Academy just before the Covid restrictions began. We continued our training virtually and my very reactive rescue has gone from a rowdy rover to a helper pup during the practice in-person class yesterday! The on-line classes explaining all the why’s and how’s were invaluable. The ability to rewatch classes and tapes were very helpful when I would forget how to do something. Leash handling, body language and so much more was addressed. And the ability of the trainers to coach via zoom, help with adjustments, and make corrective suggestions were key. Long way of saying Yo Michele Swinson-Armendariz and Julie Fryman are the best! 💚”

– Pam Bridges

“You have to be careful who you trust your dog with. I have met other trainers that say they have impressive certifications, but it wasn’t until I started working with the CLA team that there is clearly a big difference in training styles. I took the on-line classes with them I learned how fun it was for both me and my dog to train. They use reward based training, they taught me to never punish and I have seen the biggest difference with my relationship with my pups. CLA are good trustworthy trainers that really want the best for you and your dog. Thank You Canine Learning Academy”

– Tamara Carlone

PROGRAM Investment

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN for the Next Winter Edition of From Rowdy to Calm.

First class begins Tuesday, November 15 at 5:30pm PST

Invitation to In-Person Practice Sessions

With your registration you will get unlimited and lifetime access to your course.

Program includes 4 Private Training Sessions that you can schedule during or after the program.

Purchase additional Private Training sessions.

Have more questions, you can contact us to set up a call or ask us by email.

Phone 877.428.8285

From Rowdy to Calm


One Time

10 Week Program

Consultation included

Live weekly class

4 Private Training Sessions

Live Q & A with a Certified Trainer

Access to Private Community

Invitation to In-Person Practice Sessions

Installment Plan

3 x $490

(3 payments)

Live weekly class

Consultation Included

4 Private Training Sessions

Invitation to in-person or virtual practice sessions

Training Support

Access to Private Community Group

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How will I receive access to the VIP Community?
After purchase, you will create a login account. You can access the Course (while logged into your account) in multiple ways: phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Once you’ve logged into your course you will see a tab in the Welcome module that is titled Join the Community. Click the link and you will be added to the VIP Community so that you can connect with training team.
How long will I have access to the training resources?
This will depend on your purchase plan! If you have completed your payments for your course you will have lifetime access to all course material and any new material we add along the way.
Is this course only for people in the US?
Nope! No matter where you’re located, you can enroll. In fact, we have students from all over the world who have successfully completed the course.
Is this course right for me and my dog?
YES! If you’re willing to put in the work and be patient with your dog, then this course is right for you. Canine Learning Academy is perfect for pet parents with dogs of any age, size, or breed.
Is Virtual training as effective as in-person training?
100% YES! We have found virtual training to be as effective as in-person training. You receive the exact same guidance and instruction as our in-person programs, with the primary difference being that you will be the one handling your dog for the duration of training. And that alone can be extremely helpful to build your confidence and provide fast results at home. Even some of our most complex cases of reactivity, separation anxiety, and other behavioral problems can be tackled with a high level of efficiency using virtual training. We often find that the presence of a trainer walking into your home alone, can set some dogs off. The learning because more difficult and often leads to frustration for both pet parent and their dog. It’s especially important in that you, the pet parent, is empowered to take the lead on your dog’s training and that you truly understand the principles behind the training. Virtual dog training will give you all of the tools you need to do just that and see the results you’re looking for so that you can have the relationship with your dog you dreamed of.

Reactivity is one of the hardest behaviors to deal with.

Your dog that is over-reactive may be challenging but they will teach you far more than an easy-going dog. You will learn about yourself, more about how you react to situations and more about dogs from this dog than from any other. And the bond you will build with this dog will be so much stronger as a result!

You are a team and you will make progress!

Let’s get on the phone and we can map out a plan together.

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