Private Dog Training

Our experienced trainers will analyze your dog’s behavior problems and work to solve them quickly.

We travel to Long Beach, Belmont Shores, Signal Hill, Rossmoor, Lakewood, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes, Huntington Beach, and surrounding areas for private dog training in your home.

You & Your Dog Get Our Undivided Attention

We can help solve many behavior issues including barking, jumping, leash walking, potty training, and more! Instead of unwanted behaviors you don’t like, we will teach your dog:


Impulse Control

Be able to wait patiently for food and access to resources

Basic Manners

Dog obedience behaviors including how to calmly sit and lay down


Come when called

Loose Leash Walking

Walk calmly on a leash without barking or pulling

How to Relax

Settle on a mat on cue

Advanced Behaviors

Practice self-control around distractions

How Does It Work?

After we meet and assess your dog’s needs at the Initial Consultation, you can choose from our Private Coaching or Day Training options.

Puppy Board & Train

For Puppies Ages 8-20 weeks; 1-4 week living with the trainer, spend weekends with you,  transfer sessions and maintance lessons.

Board & Train| $2100 weekly

As cute & adorable as puppies are, they don’t come pre-programmed with the rules of polite behavior for human society. Our unique home-based puppy board & train program teaches your pup the rules of modern family living.

We only do Board & Train for one or two puppies at a time to ensure that your puppy gets individualized care and attention, multiple training sessions and field trips in a day combined with adequate play time. Puppies should be between 8 to 16 weeks at the start of the program. Board & Train is a unique approach to raising a puppy. Send your bundle of energy to live with our trainer during the week and enjoy a calmer, well behaved puppy. With Canine Learning Academy your puppy is part of the family, gets personal attention – and daily training!

  • A certified professional dog trainers working daily with your dog.
  • Foundation Training and good manners training includes: sit, down, wait to get out of the car or go out the door, greet people politely, wait, stay, go-to-your-mat, come, loose leash walking, drop it, leave it and crate training.
  • 1-4 weeks living with the trainer
  • Private in home transfer sessions
  • Wired Crate, Treat Bag, Balance Harness & Leash included

Other options available, contact to inquire.

Customized Package!

We can cutomize a package that works for your schedule, needs, and budget just Call Now!

Have a Puppy? Check Out Our Private Puppy Training Deal!

Sign up for Private Training and we’ll throw these things in for FREE! 
*Puppies must be 8-20 weeks old to qualify for this deal.


Personal Feedback

Individualized coaching during our sessions

Puppy Drop-in & Play Classes

Unlimited access

Training Gear

Including a clicker and treat pouch access

FREE Puppy Start Right Book

The acclaimed puppy training book by veterinary behaviorist Kenneth M. Martin and Debbie Martin


With customized exercises to practice on your own

Foundation Skills

Including manners, obedience, and socialization

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