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In-Person and Online Dog Training Services For Pet Parents in Southern California and Beyond!

Customized Private Training

Canine Learning Academy is here to support you with both in-person and online training for you and your dogs or other pets. In-person lessons are offered to select clients in parts of Orange and the Los Angeles County area.

  • Have a new addition that just came from the shleter, or maybe a long-standing behavior issue you really want to address?
  • Need training for problem behavior that’s making life harder for you?
  • Or do you want to find things for you and your dog (or other pet) to do together?
Whatever your training needs, we are here for you!

We travel to Long Beach, Belmont Shores, Signal Hill, Rossmoor, Lakewood, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes, Huntington Beach, and surrounding areas for private dog training in your home.

Private Dog Training is Great for:

  • Pet parents who want to brush up on behaviors, solve problems, and maximize their dog’s potential.

  • Pet parents with a specific issue you need help with?

  • Busy Pet Parents unable to participate in a group class due to your schedule constraints or your dog’s behavior.

  • Pet Parents that prefer one-on-one coaching from a qualified professional so they can make more rapid progress with their dog

With private lessons, you and your dog have the undivided attention of a professional Canine Learning Academy-certified dog trainer. We focus exclusively on your goals, teaching you how to work effectively with your dog.
Private sessions last an hour and are highly customized with expert client coaching and written follow-up reports.
Training can be in-home, in outdoor environments (or both), or virtual, depending on your needs.

Start NOW to Prevent Extreme Behavior Issues Later

Your dog is a genius; maybe you don’t know it yet.

Maybe it’s hidden under plenty of mischief and mayhem, or perhaps you already know how damn clever they are!

It’s possible to have an extraordinary relationship with your four-legged family member – they are capable of so much more than we think, but they can learn things that we don’t like along the way.

Common Topics we Get Calls About Include:

  • Barking and lunging on a leash
  • Fear and anxiety while outside
  • Pulling on leash while out for walk
  • Not able to settle in the home
  • Chewing on furniture
  • Not listening when called
  • Barking at the window
  • And Much More….

You & Your Dog Get Our Undivided Attention

We can help solve many behavior issues, including barking, jumping, leash walking, potty training, and more! Instead of unwanted  behaviors, you don’t like, we will teach your dog:

Impulse Control

Be able to wait patiently for food and access to resources

Basic Manners

Dog obedience behaviors including how to calmly sit and lay down


Come when called

Loose Leash Walking

Walk calmly on a leash without barking or pulling

How to Relax

Settle on a mat on cue

Advanced Behaviors

Practice self-control around distractions


1. Book a free Call to speak to a certfied trainer, Yo Armendariz or Julie Fryman
2. Book an Initial Consultation (in-home or Virtual)
3. Choose your Program, that best fits your goals, budget and lifestyle
4. Schedule your private sessions

If you are ready to understand what’s going on, change the things you don’t love, and release your dog’s true genius, you’re in the right place with Canie Learning Academy.

Book your free call today.

Customize Your Training

We offer a variety of services such as Group lessons, private, board & train, and even all-day school. We can customize a program that works for your schedule, needs, and budget! Call us now to discuss: (877) 428-8285

Need More Socialization? Check out our Group Classes for Adolescent Dogs

Not sure which class is best for you? Chat with one of our certified dog trainers and let them help you choose the best path for you and your dog. 


Manners & Lifeskills 1

 We will cover on-going socialization, how to shape appropriate behaviors, and how to prevent future behavior problems


Manners & Lifeskills 2

Once you’ve learned the foundation behaviors  we begin to build on those skills and prep for the Canine Good Citizen


Advance Manners

We help you teach your dog how to navigate through the natural world and how to be comfortable with other dogs, people, and new environments

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