Puppy Private Training

You get one shot at installing the right foundations with your puppy by engineering their world right from the start.

Why Choose Private Lessons?

With private lessons, we create a customized training plan that fits your needs and dreams of what you want your relationship to be with your dog. 

Private lessons are held in your home, virtually, or in a public place.

In our private lessons, we will teach you how to build and maintain newly learned behaviors and provide time between lessons for guided practice and practical application of the skills you are shown.

We are located in Sunset Beach, California. We travel in person from Newport Beach to Long Beach and all the beach cities along the coast. 

Customized In-home Private Training for your new Puppy

Work long hours, but want a puppy that can be well mannered? We can come to your home and do the training with or for you. Book a Free call with one of our Certified Dog Trainers, specializing in puppy training, and learn more.

We Come to Your Home and Train Your Puppy with or for You

Busy, but want a well-mannered puppy? No worries, we have you covered! A certified dog trainer comes to your home and trains your puppy, working on the specific behaviors you want to improve.

  • In our one-on-one sessions with you and your dog, the trainer transfers your dog’s or puppy’s new behaviors to you

  • We provide videos of all lessons so you can see how we work.

We offer Virtual Training

If you don’t live nearby, or you want to get started right away you can book virtual lessons and begin training immediately from the comforts of your home. Book a call, and learn more.


A Personal Puppy Trainer Can Take the Stress Out of Raising a Puppy-

Having a “personal puppy trainer” to answer all your questions and provide expert guidance and support when you first bring your puppy home can take a lot of confusion and stress out of raising and training your pup.

Get expert guidance on everything from creating a puppy potty training routine to solving behavioral issues like puppy separation anxiety, resource guarding, fear and guarding aggression, and reactivity.


Positive force-free training – Scientifically proven reward-based training

Highly educated professionals – We are educated & certified through the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior

Personalized hands-on attention – One-on-one attention focused on you and your dog’s needs

You & Your Dog Get Our Undivided Attention

Knowing where and how to start parenting a puppy can be overwhelming, but we can show you how to turn those puppy blues into puppy bliss, turning frazzled into focused and frustrated into fun!

Your “Personal Puppy Trainer” Can Provide Expert Guidance On:

New Puppy Set-up

Create a safe space in your home so your puppy, can learn to calmly chill 

Basic Manners

Build a vocabulary with your puppy so you can have a clear communication

Schedule and Routine

Put together a schedule and routine that fits into your schedule and lifestyle

Walk on a leash

Walk calmly on a leash

How to Relax Alone

Being left alone without stress

Advanced Behaviors

Practice self-control around distractions

How to get started?

Step One: Submit a Request or Book a Free Call

The process begins with scheduling a free call with one of our certified trainers, Julie Fryman or Yo Armendariz from Canine Learning Academy. Or you can submit a request form asking detailed questions about you and your puppy.

We will discuss your goals, needs, and what is getting in the way.  From here, we can set up our initial consultation. 

Book a Call- CLICK HERE

Submit Request- CLICK HERE

Step Two: Initial Consultation

We always begin with a 60-75-minute Initial Consultation. This allows us to get to know you and your puppy so that we can design a training plan for your needs and goals. During the consultation, we will:

    • Assessment of your training goals and expectations for your puppy
    • Identify any behavior problems that are or may occur
    • Set up Short-term and long-term relief from behavior problems
    •  Identify your dog’s motivations and set up training protocols
    • Receive a recommended course of action (detailed treatment plan)

During the Initial consultation, we will work together to create your Customized Training Plan – a personalized recommendation of Canine Learning Academy’s training services that fit your budget and meet your needs.

**Consultation fee is included with the purchase of a training package**

    Step Three: Choose your Program 

    Your private puppy program includes access to our Puppy Video library, handouts, and 10% off the following group classes: Puppy Preschool, Puppy Kindergarten Level One. 

    The most accessible cure for a problem is prevention and management. Learn how to create a polite, well-adjusted dog by giving your puppy the skills they need to succeed.

    Canine Learning Academy will create an individualized training and socialization program for your puppy to ensure they become the best dog it can be.

    Puppy Private Packages

    Jump Start – 4

    Coaching  or Day Training


    Puppy Jump Start- This beginner option lets puppy parents dip their toes into training and communication techniques while making sure to cover the earliest and most pressing problem-solving needs.


    • Four private sessions, usually scheduled once weekly.
    • Private Consultation (in-home or virtual)
    • Video and Handout to support weekly practice 

    Complete – 12

    Coaching & Day Training


    Complete Puppy – This provides puppy parents with a strong, in-depth foundation to training, focusing on manners and problem-solving that includes real-life situational awareness and results.

    A combination of coaching and day training works best. This truly is an investment into your puppy’s future.


    • Twelve private training sessions, best scheduled 2-3 times weekly.
    • Private Consultation (in-home or Virtual)
    • Video and Handouts to support weekly practice

    Step Four: Schedule your Sessions

    Once you’ve chosen the program that works best for you and your family, we will book your sessions and get started right away.

    Private sessions can take place in your home, virtually, or in a public place.

    Customize Your Package!

    We can customize a package that works for your schedule, needs, and budget! Call us now to discuss: (877) 428-8285

    Need Puppy Socialization? Check out our Group Classes for Young Puppies

    Sign up for Private Training and get 10% off group classes for your puppy!
    *Puppy Start Right and Kindergarten are for young puppies Puppies 8-20 weeks old


    Puppy Start Right

     We will cover socialization, how to shape appropriate puppy behaviors, and how to prevent future behavior problems


    Puppy Kindergarten

    We’ll begin work on foundation behaviors such as sit, down, settle, come when called, leave it, drop and even loose leash walking


    Other Drop-in Classes

    Appropriate play can teach young puppies to be comfortable with other dogs, people, and new environments

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