Settle on a Mat

Settle on a mat is when your dog goes to a specified mat (towel or blanket), wherever you are (your house, the park, or cafe) and relaxes. May even falls asleep, as this little Newfoundland puppy on our field trip to Luna Grill.

Settle on a Mat can be used:

1. Visitors are coming to your home

2. Visiting the Vet

3. Going out to lunch or dinner at a dog-friendly restaurant (Yelp top Long Beach)

4. Watching your kids soccer game

5. Transportation (bus, train, or plane) if your training a Service Dog

6. Happy Hour at your Favorite Bar (Some Dog- Friendly Bars)

7. Going to grandmas or friends house and you want to bring your well-behaved pup

8. Starbucks or any coffee shop that has an outdoor patio

To Start

Settle on a Mat and Relax should be taught in steps that take over a few days. And before taking your pup out to a cafe, you will want to try a few lock trials like we did with this little puppy before heading out to a real restaurant.

Before training your pup to settle you will need to pick up a few training tools:

1. A towel, or Blanket, we like to use a new one when first teaching. The mat has to be something that is not normally on the floor.

2. At first treats or your pups food

To begin training you will want to teach your pup to go to the mat when presented. We recommend watch the intro to settle video (Intro to Settle) .

There are several ways to teach your dog to settle and relax

Relaxation is something most dogs can’t do especially in different environments. You may think most puppies already know how to relax, but unfortunately settle on a mat and relax typically needs to be taught. If your pup already goes to their mat when presented, teaching to relax will take time. As you capture a relax state in your pup, you want to be sure you offer a reinforcement (treat) when your pup is not looking at you, instead head down and relaxed. If your dog gets up, don’t cue anything try and let your pup figure out and choose to lay back down on his or her own.

Kikopup has an excellent YouTube video on how to capture a dog’s calmness. Check it out!

Want help teaching your pup to Settle?

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