If you are new the city and you have a dog, city dog life can be a challenge. If you life in Cities, such as Long Beach, or Downtown Huntington Beach California you will notice people bring their dogs with them everywhere. Both cities are a PAWS-a-TIVELY Pet friendly, as you will see pretty quickly.

Whether you’re relocating to the city and you want to bring your current dog along, or you already live in an urban area, but you’d like to have a dog, there are certain things to consider, but it can certainly be possible to bring your pup with you.

Socialization and training are extremely important more so if you live in the city, your dog is likely going to be coming in contact with other people and pets all the time.

Safely Exposing your dog to a wide variety of people, from men and women to children, so he can get acclimated. Besides people, you’ll want to safely expose your pup to new sounds, smells and environment the city has to offer. If done right, your pup will get use the city dog life in no time.

Portuguese Water Dog Molly attending the 2018 Clicker Expo in Southern Ca.

Canine Learning Academy offer Group Classes, Private Training, and even an All Day School where we work with your dog while you are at work. If you need help with socializing and training give us a call and we can set up a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION or you can REGISTER ONLINE.

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