Specialty Group Training Classes & Workshops

Build the Relationship of your dreams with your dog

Specialty Class

Topics Include:

  • Tricks
  • Parkour
  • Cooperative Care
  • Service Dog in Training
  • Therapy Dog
  • Dog Acting and Modeling
  • Walk With Me
  • Reliable Recall
  • Settle & Chill
  • Brew Dog Class

Tricks Classes

For dogs of all ages

Class length- 6 weeks (no classes last week of the month)

Teaching your dog tricks is a rewarding experience for both you and your dog. There’s no right or wrong — only a whole bunch of fun! Trick Training can help build a better relationship and stronger bond with your dog.

We offer 6-week classes and  two class options:

  • Trick 1- Tricks & Manners (Novice & Intermediate Tricks)
  • Trick 2-Advanced Tricks and Task Training (Advanced & Expert Tricks)

For those who wish, we will help you work towards achieving the new Do More with Your Dog Title or AKC Trick Dog title.

Tricks is a virtual class.

Tricks 1- Tuesday at 11:00 am PST
Tricks 2- Saturday at 9:00 am PST

(6 classes): $250  

Dog Parkour

For dogs of all ages

Would you like to learn a fun way to increase your dog’s confidence, focus, and fitness while strengthening your relationship simultaneously?

Dog parkour is also great for boosting the relationship between you and your dog, as your dog will realize that no matter where you are together, it is always fun to be close to you. 

We offer an Introduction to Parkour and Dog Parkour (which features in-person practice). Both classes will occur weekly with a virtual type, and you will learn from novice and beyond parkour behaviors.

We will cover all safety requirements, the philosophy of being safe, having fun, letting the dog choose, and building confidence in the intro to parkour.

Classes are three consecutive weeks.

Enroll Now– Intro to Parkour

Enroll Now– Dog Parkour 

*Check the schedule for other upcoming classes

Specific Behavior Classes

Have a specific behavior you want to work on? Need extra help with impulse control, loose leash walking, or greetings at the door? Check out our Topic Classes to target those trouble spots. Each class concentrates on focused issues. The single day class is a 75-minute class and 3-class series are 60 minutes long. 

Total Recall

For dogs over five months

Does your dog ignore you when you need them to come to you?

Teaching the foundations of coming when called is critical to your dog’s safety.

This class will incorporate relationship-building games and foundation manners to build the best recall.

This is a special topic class that focuses on the behavior of coming when called. Each month we focus on a different part of teaching your dog to come when called.

The class includes videos and handouts.

Monday at 3:00-4:15 pm in Huntington Beach

Single class offered once a month: $60

Walk with Me

For dogs over 5 months

This topic class helps you and your dog learn foundation skills for controlled, loose-leash walking. Teach your dog where you want them to hang out while out on a walk together.

You’ll learn and practice proper leash handling, vocabulary for walks, and how to give your dog the opportunity to be a dog! Learn how to bail out, troubleshoot, or emergency turn when you need to.

The previous class experience is required.

Monday at 3:00-4:15 pm in Huntington Beach

Single class offered once a month: $60

Settle and Chill

For dogs over five months

Most dogs are not born with manners; they are created through repetition and rewards. Using the right tools can make learning new skills easier for your dog to understand and perform consistently.

Mat training, also known as place training or stationing, can be used to teach dogs:

  • not to counter surf
  • not to jump on guests
  • not to beg while we eat at the table
  • how to wait and/or stay
  • how to settle or relax at home and in public
  • Let us show you how easy it can be!
Monday at 3:00-4:15 pm in Huntington Beach

Single class offered once a month: $60

Walking Close

For dogs over 5 months

This topic class helps you polish your dog’s heel position and how to keep your dog close by while walking on a leash. 

Techniques will include a game to increase attention, proper food reward placement, and using platforms and channels to teach them where heel position is and how to find it on their own.

Whether you have a SDIT that needs learn how to stay by your side or you just want to create a great walking skill this class is for you.

The previous class experience is required.

Monday at 3:00-4:15 pm in Huntington Beach

Single class offered a few times a year: $60

Muzzle Up

Muzzles are a fantastic tool to help keep dogs and people safe

Did you know that dogs wear muzzles for all sorts of reasons?

Dogs might wear muzzles because:

  • The dog eats rocks, socks, or other non-food items that can be toxic or cause expensive and life-threatening surgeries.
  • The dog is nervous of other dogs, and the muzzle helps keep everyone safe during off-leash hiking or on-leash walks.
  • The muzzle works as a cue to tell others to give the dog some space.
  • The owner wants to teach their dog to be comfortable wearing a muzzle in case the dog must wear one someday at the vet’s office.
Thursday at 5:30 pm (Virtual Class)

3 consecutive classes $120

My Little Helper

For dogs of all ages

3 Class Series

This is a fun class where we’ll teach dogs to perform tricks that help you with everyday chores! Teaching your dog to do useful tricks will be cute and provide mental stimulation, brain games, and physical exercise for your little helper.

Dogs will learn how to turn on and off lights, put their toys away, open and close doors, and many more skills.

This is an excellent class for busy dogs or future service dogs!

This is a virtual class

Check Schedule

3 consecutive classes: $150

Important Class Requirements for In-Person Classes

Healthy & Vaccinated

To attend group classes, we require dogs to be current on all the following vaccines: rabies, distemper, parvo, parainfluenza, and hepatitis commonly identified on your vet records as DHPP. Please provide us with a copy of your dog’s current vaccination records.

Comfortable with People & Dogs

Your dog must be comfortable with other dogs within 10 feet of them. Excessive barking is not suitable for a group class. If your dog has a history of barking at dogs on leash, growling, or has bitten another dog or person, please contact us about private training.

Enroll now and start training today!

3 Easy Steps

to Begin:

1. Select a Class Pass
2. Enroll in a Class
3. Attend Orientation

1. Selecting a Class Pass 

With our Class Pass system, you can choose the class you want to attend and select the class from the schedule. Many of our classes are open enrollment, so you can start anytime and don’t have to wait until the next series starts up again. We even have one-day workshop classes so you can attend class as frequently as possible or skip a week or two when life gets busy. This way,  you can master the skills that are specifically important to you.

Book your classes in advance to secure your spot. Most classes are limited in size. 

*If no class pass is available, it will be noted in the class description.

Or Enroll with an All-Access Class Membership

Our all-access dog training membership ensures you get access to all the training your dog needs.

Membership includes access to the following:

  • All of our puppy classes and socials
  • Manners & Life Skills 1 & 2
  • Advance Manners 
  • Single-day Specialty Classes
  • Tricks 1 & 2
  • Parkour
  • Cooperative Care
  • and more…

Our membership is essentially an unlimited all-access pass to the group training classes (virtual and in-person). Our memberships work similarly to a gym membership ― you pay for time, not courses.

Class Membership includes access to the dog training community, training resources, step-by-step tutorial videos, and invitations to field trips and workshop classes.

*auto-pay subscription

Enroll in the Group Class Membership

    2. Enroll in Class

    Once you’ve chosen your class and purchased a class pass or membership, you can schedule the class you want to attend. 

    3. Orientation

    Before class begins, read or watch our orientation video so you know what to expect and learn how we’ll approach positive reinforcement dog training. You’ll get all the information you need to know before bringing your dog to its first class. 

    From Our Students

    “Dori is learning obedience. I’m learning how to communicate with Dori.  I know it’s called “dog” training but honestly, if I didn’t have Yo to teach ME the techniques, I don’t believe my Dori (nor I) would be progressing.”
    -Carol and Dori, Huntington Beach, CA

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