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Canine Learning Academy offers Canine Prep


An epic pet parent program teaching you how to transform your adolescent dog into the dog of your dreams efficiently and with confidence in just 8 weeks! This is a prep program to help your dog pass the Canine Good Citizen and beyond. 

Do you dream of having a DOG who UNDERSTANDS YOU when you say “come here!”?

So many pet parents are frustrated by their dog’s rowdy behavior.
Does any of these statements resonate with you…

Does your dog refuse to listen to you when you call them back into the house?

Is your dog pulling on leash the moment you walk outside the house?

Does your dog ignore you?

Have you tried other training programs and you’re still struggling?

Does your dog jump up on everyone and anyone that comes into the home?

With training, you can alter these unwanted behaviors!

Imagine how you’ll feel when you walk into a cafe and your dog can relax on mat under the table while you have a meal.

Or you walk on a busy city street and your dog walks by you calmly even when other dogs are near by.

Our online Program is great for busy families that want to learn how to train their dog using an easy-to-use self study format from the comforts of their home.

Our Self-paced, information-packed online program provides step-by-step breakdowns of new training skills, achievable goals to reach at your own pace, and interactive features to help all learning styles be successful.

We want training to be fun for BOTH you and your dog!

Even for those stressful problem behaviors you may be facing, will help you eliminate the headaches, allowing you to truly focus and enjoy your dog.

Do You Want a Dog Who Can Go Anywhere With You?

Canine Learning Academy Offers Training for Puppies & Adult Dogs!

At Canine Learning Academy, we specialize in puppy training and families that struggle with a dog that suffers with fearful, reactive & aggressive behaviors.

We work with people and dogs to form helping partnerships and enhance quality of life at both ends of the leash. We have a positive, motivation based approach to helping dogs and their people learn.




The most comprehensive, educational, practical, actionable, easy and fun program. Oh, and not to mention the we have the most engaging and supportive community for dog parents!

Transform your STRUGGLES into SUCCESSES as we help you unlock your dog’s true potential

Flexible and Easy to Learn

Join us in-person, virtually live or watch the recording. Allows you to learn and study on your own time, in your own hom or meet us in person to practice. Start anytime from anywhere.

Certified Professional Trainers

Our Certified Trainers guide and coach you how to work with your dog. Engage with our fascinating Training Team. Option for us to come to your home for day training, coaching or meet weekly for your LIVE class in-person or on-line. Classes are recorded so you watch anytime and share with the whole family.

Certificate of Completion

Program provides step by step lessons, high quality videos, and short quiz. After completion earn a professional graduation certificate, and seal to showcase your completion to your friends. In-person CGC test is included with your tuition

Private Community

Get access to our private Training Group, a community of like-minded individuals and where the training team provides you with feedback.

Workbooks and Handouts

Download your training tracker, journal and training handouts so you can track your progress and document what working, not working, questions, and much more.

In Addition

Lessons stay in your library for future references, even way after you finish the program. Also receive an invaluable amount of online support to help you achieve your dog training goals.

Here is a small taste of what you will learn…

Success in teaching your dog to check in with you even when there is the distraction of another dog
Understand the adolescent and adult phase that your dog is going through.
Learn how to teach your dog to sit or go into a down until released
Teach your dog to relax on a mat instead of jumping on guest when the doorbell goes off
Walk on a loose leash even when another dog is shouting at you
A simple training strategy that will give you the training tools to eliminate unwanted behaviors and create a well-mannered dog of your dreams

What you get as a member of the Program

Downloadable Workbooks

Workshops & Masterclasses


Extensive video library

Step-by-step training

Action Checklists

Immediate access to world- class training
Over 100 High quality, easy to follow video library that you can be watched anytime, anywhere – on mobile phones, tablets or your computer!

8 weeks of training with LIVE group coaching to ensure you’re on the right track

Invitation to our VIP community for unlimited support from your coach and a chance to meet and connect with other pet parents
Live Q & A so you have an Expert Trainer
Get lifetime access to our course materials
Dog Training Workbook and Diary so you can track your progress
Julie and Yo - Trainers
Julie and Yo - Trainers

Get access to a team of world class dog training experts to guide you every step of the way.

We are proud to say we are graduates of Karen Pryor Academy, the Harvard of dog training schools. Our training team undergoes continuous education training to ensure we are always striving to stay up to date with

At Canine Learning Academy we pride ourselves in representing the very best of modern dog training.

Our mission is to provide a safe, humane and fun experience for both ends of the leash. We want to teach pet parents how to understand and create a language together with their pets, so they can enjoy a lifetime of happiness together.

With years of working professionally in the industry of behavior, our team has the right combination of hands-on experience, formal education, and certifications .

Our training methods are cutting edge, science-based, and designed to be fun for you and your dog both. They’re effective, too!

In short, we’re experts.

Yo Armendariz KPA CTP
Owner and Founder of Canine Learning Academy

See what other Pet Parents have to say:

Thousands of pet parents have mastered their dogs training with this course and moved from a terrible teen to be a thriving dog.
“I was referred to Canine Learning Academy from a friend. I took my Boston Terrier puppy home at 7 weeks and I reached out to The knowledge, care, dedication, and professionalism of Yo and her team is unbelievable. This was the best decision I made for Darla’s life; you will not find better than them! When Darla started as a 7.5 week puppy, she was timid, scared, and uncertain of her surroundings (as one would expect from a baby puppy). If i could give them 6 stars, I would. You get the picture!”

– Adam Michael

“First off incredible!!! Canine academy right away treated me and my wife as family. We had no idea what we were getting into when getting our dog Ludo. So we searched and searched for help everywhere. Yo and her team were a blessing to find. Yo sat down with us for an hour and went over everything. We are so incredibly grateful that Canine Academy is here for us and we are always in good hands. If you are thinking of having them train your dog please please just do it. You will have the best trained dog ever!”

– Jason Shelton

“I fully believe in virtual training. We started with Canine Learning Academy just before the Covid restrictions began. We continued our training virtually and my very reactive rescue has gone from a rowdy rover to a helper pup during the practice in-person class yesterday! The on-line classes explaining all the why’s and how’s were invaluable. The ability to rewatch classes and tapes were very helpful when I would forget how to do something. Leash handling, body language and so much more was addressed. And the ability of the trainers to coach via zoom, help with adjustments, and make corrective suggestions were key. Long way of saying Yo Michele Swinson-Armendariz and Julie Fryman are the best! 💚”

– Pam Bridges

“You have to be careful who you trust your dog with. I have met other trainers that say they have impressive certifications, but it wasn’t until I started working with the CLA team that there is clearly a big difference in training styles. I took the on-line classes with them I learned how fun it was for both me and my dog to train. They use reward based training, they taught me to never punish and I have seen the biggest difference with my relationship with my pups. CLA are good trustworthy trainers that really want the best for you and your dog. Thank You Canine Learning Academy”

– Tamara Carlone

Canine Prep Private-12


One Time (payment options available)

8 week Program includes Consultation

8 Private Coaching  & 4 Day Training Sessions

Live Weekly Manners & Tricks Group Class

Practice classes, Clinic, Workshops and more

Unlimited Training support

Unlimited lifetime access to your Course

Invitation to Private Community Group

Canine Prep Self Study


One Time

 8 week Program

Live Weekly Manners & Tricks Group Class

Invitation to In-Person Practice

Unlimited Training support

Unlimited lifetime access to your Course

Invitation to Private Community Group


Make an Investment in yourself and your dog today!

With your one-time fee you will get unlimited and lifetime access to your course where we host are you step by step tutorial videos, recorded classes and personalized lessons. 

Canine Prep Private and Canine Coaching include private 1-2-1 Training Sessions that you can schedule at a time that works best for you and your family. These sessions can be In-person or Virtual. During consultation we can review which options are best.

You may Purchase additional Private Training sessions as needed.

Have more questions, you can contact us to set up a call or ask us by email.

Phone 877.428.8285

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Private Day Training or Coaching?

We offer convenient and flexible private training options for dogs and owners that prefer one-on-one attention. Daily slots are available at your home off site location or online. Your dogs’ naughty behavior can be annoying, embarrassing – even scary at times. But you don’t have to go it alone, or spend hours a day in training to have a polite pooch. Not when Canine Learning Academy is on the job. We offer two fully customizable private training solutions designed to fit the active lifestyles of today’s busy professionals and families: Day training & Coaching

What is the Difference between Day training and Coaching

Day Training is THE FASTEST, EASIEST WAY for your dog to learn. It’s great for people that don’t have the time or ability to train their own dog – in short, we do it for you. We come to your home – while you’re working, running errands, taking the kids to after-school activities, or doing housework.

Day Training is fast: With 2 to 3 sessions a week your dog progresses quickly!
The results you want: A certified professional trainer trains your dog following a personally designed training plan focused on creating more understanding for both ends of the lead.

Lasting improvement: Once a week, we show you easy ways to sustain and strengthen your dog’s newfound manners with a transfer lesson.

Coaching – is THE BEST WAY FOR YOU TO LEARN HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DOG. Before you can train your dog, you have to know how to train your dog. Canine Learning Academy shows you how – with private, one-on-one sessions for you while you work with your dog.

We will make learning fun and you’ll create a magical bond with your dog Training your dog yourself, both during and in between sessions, improves your ability to communicate with each other.

Personalized professional instruction: Coaching lessons are customized for you and your dog, and allow time for you to ask questions and get immediate answers.

Learn at whatever pace is comfortable for you and your dog, and feel free to make “mistakes” – we never judge!

Which one is better for me? Private with day training or Coaching?

Day Training is for you if:
• You don’t have time to train your dog
• You want a professional trainer to train your dog for you
• You want your dog trained as fast as possible
• Your dog suffers from more severe behavioral issues such as aggression toward people or dogs, leash reactivity, or excessive possession guarding

Coaching is for you if:
• You have the time and motivation to train your dog
• You make the commitment to meet at least once a week and practice on your own
• You want to resolve behaviors that are directed specifically at you – such as barking for attention or separation anxiety
• You have a dog who needs consistent daily training in potty etiquette, socialization, and proper manners

Is Virtual training as effective as in-person training?

100% YES! We have found virtual training to be as effective as in-person training. You receive the exact same guidance and instruction as our in-person programs, with the primary difference being that you will be the one handling your dog for the duration of training. And that alone can be extremely helpful to build your confidence and provide fast results at home. Even some of our most complex cases of reactivity, separation anxiety, and other behavioral problems can be tackled with a high level of efficiency using virtual training. We often find that the presence of a trainer walking into your home alone, can set some dogs off. The learning because more difficult and often leads to frustration for both pet parent and their dog. It’s especially important in that you, the pet parent, is empowered to take the lead on your dog’s training and that you truly understand the principles behind the training. Virtual dog training will give you all of the tools you need to do just that and see the results you’re looking for so that you can have the relationship with your dog you dreamed of.

Is all your training online?

No, we offer in-person private sessions and in-person group practice classes

Do you offer other services?

Yes, we can customize a program that fits your needs. Best to set up a call and we can discuss other options.

How long will I have access to the training resources?

This will depend on your purchase plan! If you have completed your payments for your course you will have lifetime access to all course material and any new material we add along the way.

Why Work with Canine Learning Academy?
We want what’s best for your dog. We use scientifically-proven, positive reinforcement methods to train your dog. We are proud to never use fear, pain, or force. We believe that training should be fun, humane, and effective; that’s why we’re a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP).
Why Choose a KPA Certified Training Partner?

Karen Pryor Academy is at the forefront of modern dog training, and is one of the most prestigious professional dog trainer schools in the world. Our trainers are required to participate in regular continuing education to maintain their KPA status, and in order to provide our clients with the most current and effective dog training tools available in the industry.

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