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Working with dogs and their families is one of the best professions there is. For many of us it’s the ultimate way to combine our work with our passion.

We get to make a real difference to the lives of dogs and their people every day.

We become dog trainers because we love dogs, and want to see them happily living with their families.

But what about business?

Often we’re amazing at what we do with dogs and people but we still struggle to make ends meet because we forget it’s a business.

Working with dogs and running a successful BUSINESS are two different things, which is why we created a Professional R+ Canine Community just for You!

Join The Community!

We have built a community of R+ Dog Trainers through Education & Collaboration. Join our community of dog trainers and dog lovers by following us on Facebook! Ask us questions, interact with the community, and be a part of an invaluable resource!

Here are some challenges you may face being a R+ dog trainer…


You don’t have a process to get visible and attract your ideal student


You don’t enjoy marketing but your willing to give it a try if it means you get to have the business you truly want


You are maxed out on time, and you need to scale your business


You want to implement systems that can automate a few things


You want to grow a team, but not sure where to start


You want to make a massive difference in the world, and not sure how to juggle it all

Offering Canine Professionals Everything you need to Make your Dreams become a Reality!


Spend less time creating content and more time delivering training sessions to your students. The Trainer’s Toolbox has everything you need to revolutionize your business, provide unparalleled support to your clients and scale up your training programs. With the professional video content, handouts and expert coaching from us, it will be like waving a magic wand for your business. Discover our trialed and tested strategies which will have your courses filled with students eager to get started!


Working with dogs and their families is one of the best professions there is. For many of us it’s the ultimate way to combine our work with our passion. We get to make a real difference to the lives of dogs and their people every day.

In our free community, we scheduled monthly discussions to showcase the inner working of fascinating cases, connect and learn from one another.


Ready to get hands-on with dogs? Want to learn more about dog training?

Canine Learning Academy is offering a mentor ship where you will participate in our in-person or virtual group classes, Private Training Sessions, and access to our school dogs to practice your training mechanics so that you can expand your skill set. This Program is available throughout the year and can be coordinated between our training calendar.

Private Coaching

Yo Armendariz is the business owner of Canine Learning Academy. Yo offers business coaching services to help “force-free professionals” who are looking to breathe new life into an existing business. Professionals that want to get off the hamster wheel and build a sustainable, income revenue.

By helping fellow pet professionals, Yo continues to fulfill her mission of enhancing the human-animal bond, creating social change and driving a shift towards force-free, modern day training.

Her coaching style revolves around keeping your business planning simple, effective, and – even fun!

Events for Canine Professionals

Exactly what I needed to take the next step and work smarter not harder. Using all these professionally created videos and handouts saves SO MUCH time which means I can focus on what Im good at and enjoy: Teaching. Thank you!!!
Anita Takacs

Personalized Canine Coaching for a new era of R+ Trainers 

We help you lead a business that aligns with your vision

Everyone deserves to go beyond what they thought possible.

One- on-one support to give you the strategy, motivation and reach your potential. You’ll get a support crew to help you maximize your ability to run your business, so that you can have balance in your life.  

Customized Done-for-You We specialize in transforming your ideas into impactful,  effective learning materials that you can use in your business. Save time and eliminate tech-headaches!

Behavior Club to showcase the inner workings of challenging cases, support you with your own casework and help build your expertise so that you can be more effective with your clients.

R+ business only We are dedicated to making a massive impact in the dog training industry. We work exslusively with R+ dog trainers.  Together we can make a difference to our industry, our community and to dogs all across the world.

Our unique combination of education, business and alignment coaching will not only ensure that you have the strategy you need, but that you are ready to go out and take epic action in the industry!

Why should I get a coach

Make your dream become a reality. Whether you’ve long fantasized about working with dogs for a living or currently have a part- or full-time dog business underway, we can help you transition to a full-time business that covers your financial needs.

In addition to being more financially secure, a healthy business also means the opportunity to positively change more dogs’ lives. 

We’ll help you gain control of your time and business. You’ll feel much less overwhelm and have more time for yourself and your own dogs again!

Do I need to have an established business to get coaching?

No, we meet you where ever you are in your business and provide you with support every step of the way.

How much does it cost?

We offer a couple options based on your individual needs. Before you get started, we will book a getting to know you call to ensure we understand your vision and if we are a good fit. The call is free, and can be scheduled using our online booking portal.

Who does the coaching?

The CLA Professional Team – Yo & Tasha will be doing regular coaching meets. And we will be bringing in experts each month to cover key specialty topics to ensure that you always get the best available support. We have expanded the team to provide ongoing tech and content creating support.

How does it all work?

So glad you asked. To start, we book a call so that we can get on the phone and learn more about you, your business and your vision. Your call is with our Biz Consultation Team and you will be matched with an expert that is aligned with your schedule and goals. 

Next, before the call you will get a questionnaire that will ask you a series of questions about you and your business so that we can see where you are and where you are going. 



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