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Improve Your Dog’s Health & Quality of Life

During the busy work week, our pets don’t always get the attention they need and deserve. Unfortunately, a lack of exercise and stimulation can lead to unwanted behaviors like hyperactivity, excessive barking, digging, and chewing, as well as health problems and even depression in dogs. Regular exercise and positive training, whether private or part of a group, will often result in a calmer, happier, more confident dog. By signing your dog up for our dog walking or dog sitting services, you’re making a commitment to your dog’s long-term health and quality of life.

We offer dog walking, pet sitting, and specialized dog walking and pet sitting services that INCLUDE training!

We use the most up-to-date technology that makes scheduling and communication a breeze with the Time to Pet app.

Dog Walking & Puppy Visits

Walking Hours: M-F 9am-4pm

1 Hour Walk or Visit | Starting at $40
A 1-hour dog walk is great for working breeds or dogs that have a little more energy then most. The service is also popular for dog parents that work long hours.

30 Minute Walk or Visit | Starting at $25
For 30 minutes, we will take your dog for a scenic, private walk around your neighborhood. We also give your pet fresh water, food and treats (if requested) and LOTS OF PETS! Great for dogs of all ages, inside play time optional.

Walk & Train | Starting at $100

1 hour walk & train. This is an excellent option for pups struggling with leash manners or reactivity and the perfect solution to teaching your dog the skills to walk politely on leash! One of our professional certified trainers will help your dog or puppy learn basic through advanced skills in the environment where they live and exercise.

In-Home Pet Sitting or Boarding with Trainer

For Dogs & Other Pets

Do you have puppy or dog and you want to go away for work or vacation? Perhaps your dog has siblings of another species like a cat, bird, fish or iguana? When you travel, who do you trust to care for these important members of your family?

Canine Learning Academy offers the most comprehensive and individualized in-home pet care available to keep your pup on his or her routine. We take the stress out of having to leave your family members at home alone.

Premier Boarding with Trainer | Starting at $135
Your pup stay with us in our home overnight and we provide:

  • Feedings & medication
  • Morning & evening walks or outings
  • Outdoor social opportunity (if appropriate)
  • Lots of attention and playtime
  • Maintain your pup’s manners like house training, crate training and keeping the schedule, in addition to using all the basic cues your dog already knows.


  • Extra Midday Walk | $25 (30 min mid day visit)
  • Enrichment Day Care | $65 (9am-3pm available Mon-Fri )
  • Private Day Training | $150 (One hour one-on-one)

Board & Train

Recommended 20 days, other options available

Board & Train| 20 days $5,000 (includes 4 transfer sessions)
Board & Train is a unique approach to raising a puppy. Send your bundle of energy to live with our trainer and enjoy a calmer, well behaved puppy. An intensive in-home training program for busy people who are planning a trip and want fast results for your pet. Customized training for specific behavior issues, such as challenging impulse control behaviors. Let the Canine Learning Academy take care of your dog in our home or yours maintaining the environment where he’s part of the family, gets enrichment, gets personal attention – and daily training!

  • Two certified professional dog trainers working daily with your dog.
  • Foundation Training and good manners training, including sit, down, wait, stay, go-to-your-mat, come, and crate training.
  • 1-5 week Options, Call for more information

Dog Specialists With Integrity

We realize that the decision to hire a dog walker is not one that is made lightly, after all, you are entrusting someone new to take care of your furry kids and have access to your home. At Canine Learning Academy every one of our pet care specialists goes through a rigorous screening process including:

  • Background checks
  • Behavior training in walking and dog body language
  • CPR & First Aid.

You can have peace of mind knowing you have selected the best specialists with the highest levels of integrity.  We are licensed, insured, and bonded.


Additional Pets: After many years in the pet care industry, we realized that extra pet fees are pretty arbitrary; not all households’ pets require extra time and care. Because Canine Learning Academy values transparency in pricing, we moved to a 100% time-based model: we only charge for the scheduled time it takes to provide quality care to your pets and to follow through on promised home care. 

Other Charges: Weekend, Last minute booking, Travel outside of 20 min, After hours.

*Holidays: There will be an additional Holiday Fee of for the following holidays: New Year’s Eve, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day & Weekend, Independence Day, Labor Day & Weekend, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day. The fee goes directly to the walker or sitter.

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