Group Training Classes for Reactive, Fearful and Shy Dogs

Do you have a Rowdy Rover?

Living with a reactive dog comes with many challenges. Our Rowdy Rover class will give you effective and practical solutions for dogs who pull, jump, bark, lunge, growl, or bite. 

Rowdy Rover Class

Topics Include:

  • Understand why
  • Safety Protocols
  • Reading Body Language
  • Pattern Games
  • Foundation skills
  • Calming skills
  • Leash skills
  • Desensitization and CC

Rowdy Rover Group Class

Virtual 10-week Class

Learn the proven strategies and skills for effectively and safely transforming your dog’s reactivity without using force or intimidation.

Your dog’s Reactivity is not a voluntary behavior. Learn to teach your dog alternate behaviors when presented with the things that overwhelm them, build focus and attention to you, and reinforce calm behaviors.

Knowing the best choice for you and your dog in any given situation is the pathway to infinite success!

You and your dog will learn how to calmly handle any situation using proven and reliable handling techniques.

You will build your own confidence as a handler, and work as a team with your dog.

Tuesday 5:30pm pm Virtual 

10-class series: $795

3 Easy Steps

to Begin:

1. Select a Class Pass
2. Enroll in a Class
3. Attend Orientation

Add on a Topic Class like Muzzle Training or Intro to Parkour

1. Selecting a Class Pass 

With our Class Pass system, you can choose the class you want to attend and select the class from the schedule. Many of our classes are open enrollment, so you can start anytime and don’t have to wait until the next series starts up again. We even have one-day workshop classes so you can attend class as frequently as possible or skip a week or two when life gets busy. This way,  you can master the skills that are specifically important to you.

Book your classes in advance to secure your spot. Most classes are limited in size. 

*If no class pass is available, it will be noted in the class description.

or Enroll with a Class Membership

Our all-inclusive dog training membership ensures you get access to all the training your dog needs.

Membership includes access to:

  • All of our puppy classes and socials
  • Manners & Life Skills 1 & 2
  • Advance Manners 
  • Single-day (75 min) workshops
  • Tricks 1 & 2
  • Parkour
  • Cooperative Care
  • and more…

Our membership is essentially an unlimited all-access pass to the group training classes (virtual and in-person). Our memberships work similarly to a gym membership ― you pay for time, not courses.

Class Membership includes access to the dog training community, training resources, step-by-step tutorial videos, and invitations to field trips and workshop classes. 

Monthly Membership Options
    • 4 Month- $197 monthly
    • 12 Month- $155 monthly 

*auto-pay subscription

2. Enroll in Class

Once you’ve chosen your class and purchased a class pass or membership, you can schedule the class you want to attend. 

3. Orientation

Before class begins, read or watch our orientation video so you know what to expect and learn how we’ll approach positive reinforcement dog training. You’ll get all the information you need to know before bringing your dog to its first class. 

From Our Students

“Dori is learning obedience. I’m learning how to communicate with Dori.  I know it’s called “dog” training but honestly, if I didn’t have Yo to teach ME the techniques, I don’t believe my Dori (nor I) would be progressing.”
-Carol and Dori, Huntington Beach, CA

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