Training Consultation Form

Thank you for your interest in learning more about training. Training is the foundation of the open line of communication between you and your four legged friend. Using science based positive reinforcements techniques we can show you the tools to form a new shared language and strengthen the human canine bond. We are Force Free certified trainers.

To help us to better understand your puppy history and long term behavior goals please fill out the below form.

Owner's Information

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Getting to Know You

Social and Exercise

On an average day, approximately how many hours does your puppy spend...

Training History

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The Process

Thank you for your time with our questionnaire. After filling out the questionnaire, it will be put into your file and we can schedule our in-home consultation. The initial in-home consultation will take approximately 90 mins. After our first visit, I will put together a training plan customized to meet your puppy’s behavior goals, then once reviewed we will begin scheduling training sessions.

Liability Waiver and Training Policies

Canine Learning Academy LLC will endeavor to create a safe, healthy environment for the training of my puppy(s) and will offer only safe, ethical, responsible and scientifically-sound training suggestions and lifestyle recommendations. Yo Armendariz KPA-CTP and the Training Team trains with science-based positive reinforcement techniques. We are Force-Free Trainers!

I expressly and voluntarily assume all risk of injury while training my puppy(s). I recognize that weight Yo Armendariz, nor Canine Learning Academy LLC is responsible for the unintentional errors, omissions or incorrect assertions. I understand that the recommendation of any other product or service is not a guarantee of my satisfaction. Further, I am and will remain responsible for the actions of my puppy at all times, and I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Yo Armendariz and Canine Learning Academy LLC, of any and all claims of injury, expenses or damages caused by the actions of my puppy while under Canine Learning Academy LLC instruction, the care of Yo Armendariz or under my own care as a result of following the training plan.
I understand the inherent risks of owning a puppy, including but not limited to, the risk of puppy bites to other animals, other people or myself.
I understand the behavior of a moment-to-moment decision-making animal can never be guaranteed. Therefore, the success of my puppy(s) is highly correlated to the amount of time I spend practicing the desired behaviors with my puppy(s) and the degree of consistency family members and I employ. I realize that my success is contingent on my family’s dedication to working with our puppy on a daily basis. There are no guarantees with behavior modification, and I will not hold Yo Armendariz or Canine Learning Academy Training Team responsible if my puppy does not meet our training goals.

By checking the "I agree" box below, I have read and agree to the liability waiver terms and policies.

Media Release

By checking the "I agree" box below, I hereby give my full consent to all photographs, audio recordings, video recordings and/ or academic work taken of me, my puppy(s), friends and family members (including minor children) by Yo Armendariz and Canine Learning Academy, or their designee. I understand that any such photographs, audio or video recordings, and academic work become the property of Yo Armendariz and Canine Learning Academy, and may be used without consent, for instructional, educational, or promotional purposes as determined by Yo Armendariz and Canine Learning Academy in broadcast and electronic media formats, now existing or in the future created.

Cancellation Policy

By checking the "I agree" box below, I understand and agree to the following cancellation policy terms:
1. Once a training program has started, there are NO refunds.

2. The client may reschedule or cancel ONE prescheduled private session without penalty. Any subsequent reschedules or cancellations will count as and be charged as a prepaid session in the training plan. It is imperative that sessions be scheduled on a consistent basis and in a timely manner.

3. A minimum of 48 hours notice is required to cancel a scheduled session without penalty.

Payment Policy

By checking the "I agree" box below, I understand and agree to the following payment policy:
Payment (cash, check, Credit Card, PayPal or VenMo) is due in full upon completion of the initial consult. Long-term training clients have the option to pay in full after each visit, or to be billed as needed (preferred monthly).

Contract Review

By checking the "I agree" box below, this contract is validated, and approval for future services without additional written authorization.

I have read and agree to the terms of this puppy training contract and Policies.

I also understand that the desired outcomes for puppy’s training and behavior is directly proportional to the time, commitment and positive reinforcement technique spent working with my puppy in between training sessions.