Tricks and More!

Canine Tricks and More!

Add any of the classes below to our programs to bond with your pet, have fun and learn together!

Canine Tricks Masters

Empowering you with simple to learn tricks you can implement that will build an unbreakable bond with your dog and enable you both to have the time of your life together!

Dog trick training is a fantastic way to learn to communicate, have more fun and build a stronger relationship with your dog. We offer several levels of trick training from the very basic to the more advanced. Your dog can learn many of the standards like Shake, Beg and Roll Over, but you”ll also learn more challenging like Get the Mail, Wave Bye-Bye, Cross Paws, Pick up your Toys and more.

Mastering Loose Leash Walking with your Dog

How to confidently and effectively teach your dog to walk with you confidently and calmly. Learn our favorite tips, tricks & games to teach your dog to walk with you so you can enjoy this bonding time in the best way possible for many years to come.

Walking your dog should be one of the most enjoyable parts of having a dog in your life. While it can seem so simple, most of us have dogs that pull on leash, which is completely understandable. After all, for many dogs a walk is the highlight of their day. And you can turn this highlight of their day into the highlight of YOUR day too.

Mastering a Reliable Recall with your Dog

Learn How to teach Your Dog to Happily Come When Called – Games to play that Build a Reliable Recall

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