My dog Gypsy and I have been with the Canine Learning Academy for the last couple months and I can say without a doubt that it has been a life changing experience. We had one-on-one training at the beginning of our journey and once our sessions concluded I happily accepted an invitation to the group training classes. This was the best investment I have made in not only my dog but also myself. Yo, Julie, and Kurtis unquestionably love what they do and are masters of their field. I have learned a plethora about dog behavior, enrichment toys, and different techniques that can be utilized in the best way for Gypsy. I highly recommend using Canine Learning Academy, a group of highly trained professionals, because they welcome you and your dog with open arms into their canine family where we are free to continually build on our kinship with our furry friends.

Candice G.

Yo and Kurtis are amazing dog trainers, walkers, and sitters that will take care of your dog like their own! The dogs and owners in Long Beach are so lucky to have such an educated and experienced team of trainers to take care of all their dog care needs.

Alice Tong

I couldn’t ask for more a more knowledgeable and caring team to help me train my pup. No matter what you or your dog’s needs might be, Yo and Curtis can help you. They are KPA trained, have excellent training programs for all levels as well as dog walking and sitting services. And they care about your pet as if he/she was their very own.

Carol Mentell Daniello

We can’t thank Yo enough for the transformation we’ve seen in our baby Hamm. His walks with us have truly turned around, he went from pulling abs tugging to walking right beside us or behind us. We love how he understands a simple commands such as “Go to your bed” we can’t wait to have Bacon start his training too.

Alexx D.

Yo and Kurtis are the best! I’m a busy mom stuck juggling kids schedules, work, and mom-life in general. They are always kind and accommodating. We called Yo when our pup was 9 weeks old and he hated his crate. She was like the “puppy whisperer.” She had him loving his crate within minutes of her first visit!! He slept through the night for the first time and now that he’s almost a year, he LOVES his crate and will even go in just to hang out. I seriously wouldn’t have survived this first year without them. He’s making great progress with his training. 🙂

Patricia K.



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