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For Dogs of All Ages

Canine Learning Academy’s All Access Pass is a monthly subscription that gives you access to all of our group training classes, both in-person and virtual, and our student support forum.  

When most people think of training a dog, they think of the basic dog training behaviors—sit, down, come, stay.

While those behaviors are important, don’t underestimate the benefits of training a dog to play games, do tricks, or even parkour.

Most dog parents don’t invest beyond basic manners. If you want a dog happily hanging by your side no matter where you go, ongoing training is a must!

There is an exact science to mastering your relationship with your dog – and you’re about to learn all about it when you become a member.

Meet Your Trainers

In each class, you’ll get a live certified dog trainer that will lead you to success with your dog, no matter hold old your dog is. And you’ll have the support of our training team every step of the way!

Julie, Kurtis, and Yo have undergone their education at the Karen Pryor Academy. Karen Pryor Academy is at the forefront of modern dog training and is one of the world’s most prestigious professional dog trainer schools. 

They are passionate about bringing humane, science-based training solutions to the community. 

This all-access membership is for:

Pet parents that want to learn how to work with their dog but don’t want the pressure of always having to meet in-person

Pet parents who want to build a stronger connection with their dog

Dogs that have an abundance of energy

Dogs that need more positive socialization

Pet parents who struggle with a dog that is reactive , fearful, overly-excited or anxious

Handlers that want to train their dog to be a service, therapy or helper dog

Pet parents that have want more than just basic manners classes.

New puppy parents that want to raise a dog they can take anywhere

With Group Classes You Will:

  • Form a closer relationship with your dog
  • Learn to communicate more clearly with your dog
  • Polish your training mechanics
  • Build a communication you both understand
  • Have fun in the process of learning
  • Be a part of a community you can share your ideas and stories and ask for support.

Get Unlimited Access to All the Group Classes We Teach!

Have a specific behavior you want to work on? Need extra help with impulse control, loose leash walking, or greetings at the door?  Have a young puppy, and you have big goals together?

Advance Tricks

Walk This Way

Settle & Stay!

My Little Helper

Foundation Tricks

Adventure Walks

Total Recall


Manners Classes

Young Puppy Classes

Trick Training is Fun & Effective

In your trick-training library, each step-by-step video shows you how to teach your dog to do almost any trick you can imagine. You will learn the prerequisite exercises your dog needs to know before starting the more challenging tricks, such as how to do a handstand, roll yourself in a blanket, rebound, or bring me a drink from the frig.

With access to hundreds of videos, you will go from Novice to Expert Level in no time!

Yo Armendariz KPA CTP

Yo Armendariz KPA CTP

Owner of Canine Learning Academy

Do You Feel Like Your Dreams With Your Dog Are Impossible?

Did you welcome a dog into the family dreaming of blissful walks, soft cuddles, and an attentive friend that follows you everywhere… But the reality is not meeting the expectations.

I hear this from my clients all the time before we start working together about how relentless life with their dog can feel.

How the dog goes from one moment being chill and calms to barking and lunging at the end of the leash.

Or how friends don’t come over anymore because the dog goes crazy whenever visitors arrive – like a hurricane storming through the house.

It doesn’t have to be this way for you. With a solid training plan, you can learn what it takes to build the relationship you dreamed about.

Imagine in (a not-so-distant) future..

You have the do anything; take it anywhere, rockstar dog.

One that can sit and wait politely when the doorbell goes.

Friends and family come over for the holidays, the dog chills out on their bed, and you can relax knowing the turkey is safe on the kitchen counter.

You have a dog that helps out around the house… putting away toys, picking up socks, and playing peek-a-boo with the kids.

Walks are different too; they’re fun – like you head down to the beach and play games as your dog weaves through your legs, ignoring all the other dogs and people around you.

Your dog is no longer barking and lunging at dogs, people, or cars… They’re laser-focused on you, offering nose touches to your hand instead of worrying about what’s going on elsewhere.

What you get as a member

Immediate access to world- class training
High quality, easy to follow video library that can be watched anytime, anywhere – on mobile phones, tablets or your computer!

Live coaching to ensure you’re on the right track

Special invitation to Specialty Workshops in-person and online

Invitation to our VIP community for unlimited support from your coach and a chance to meet and connect with other pet parents

Get access to all the group classes we offer both online and in-person for as long as you stay a member

Canine e-books, workbook, handouts and more so you can refer back to and track your progress


Our Promise is kind, ethical, and positive training that will empower both ends of the lead.

Our mission is to deliver successful training so that together you and your dog are smiling ear to ear – or should that be nose to tail…

Training your dog should be fun, achievable, and accessible for all dogs, age, breed, size, and experience level, and the skills you learn can be applied to real-life situations beyond the training room. 

We LOVE teaching for our pet parents and happy waggy-tailed dogs, building confidence and optimism every click of the way.

Your Investment

Our All-Access Class Membership runs much like a gym membership. The membership is $155/month for one year. You can sign up for as many open classes as possible: virtual or in-person. 

Can’t make it LIVE? No problem; most classes are recorded and placed in your Video-on-demand Library.

Payments will automatically be set up to recur monthly for one year. Save big for paying in full for the year. After the year, only pay $299 yearly to maintain unlimited class access. 

For more information on classes, jump on the phone with us. 

For more information on classes, please book a call- CLICK HERE.


Monthly (1 year)



Enroll in any open in-person class

Enroll in any Virtual Live Class

VIP priority support from our trainers

Access to Step-by-step Videos & Resources

Access to On-Demand Classes

All Access Membership

1 year Paid in Full


One Time Payment

Save big!

Enroll in any open class

VIP priority support from our trainers

Access to Video Library and Resources

Access to On-Demand Classes

Low yearly Renewal

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