Well, is Traditional Doggie Daycare a good choice for every dog? Great question, and one of the toughest decisions that a puppy parent can make is with who and where their puppy will hang while they are at work, out on a trip, or just tackling everyday tasks. Often time doggie daycare are glorified for providing all day play, socialization, and activity for an affordable rate. Doggie daycare is a great option for some dogs, there is a lot of undisclosed information about daycare, not openly discussed with puppy parents. 

While exercise is an extremely important part of a dog’s health and overall well being, there are daycare environments that can provide a dog with too much over-stimulation and excitement. Doggie daycare often run long hours to accommodate those who work which means your dog my be out in a play environment for up to 12 hours a day without any sort of break. This may not be a concern if your dog isn’t as active, but then you have a whole new concern on whether or not your dog has had any kind of exercise. It is not uncommon for an older pup to curl up in a corner and just sleep while you are away. The large play groups mean less one-on-one time for your pup and an overall uncertainty if it is the right environment for your dog. 

Can Doggie Daycare Help Socialize your Dog

Another common misconception is that doggie daycare are effective to socialize your dog. Often times daycare facilitate a large group of dogs and are unable to go at your pets pace or create a specialized plan for your pet that will ensure their success and happiness in the environment. Puppies often get thrown in a pay group and are left to “figure it out” in a sense instead of working closely with a trainer who can construct positive social experiences at your pups pace. When dogs are under socialized and subjected to loud, high intensity playgroups it can actually cause more harm by being a cause of stress which in turn creates a negative association with dog and/or group play. 

When searching for care for your pup, take these things into consideration and think about your dog and their needs. Daycare can be a great choice for social, highly active, young dogs who are needing more physical stimulation than an owner can provide. For dogs who are needing help with socialization, training, or may be nervous in unknown environments, perhaps a different type of care may be necessary. Try to find a place that works for your dog and their needs. Of course our dogs are very special so the care they receive must be just as special as they are.

Laura Aikins is a Certified Dog Trainer with Canine Learning Academy and works with our All Day School and Education Daycare Dogs. Before working as a trainer with Canine Learning Academy, she was a manager for a franchise Doggy Daycare in Long Beach.

Learn more about Canine Learning Academy’s  Education Daycare (Video below)

Education (Enrichment Daycare)

At Canine Learning Academy, because what we know about some traditional doggy daycare, we offer a different type of daycare for your dog. Our goal is to create a fun and safe environment where pets love to come and learn and where owners can confidently place their trust in our standards of care. Canine Learning Academy Education Daycare is not an energy outlet for dogs, but a place the dogs learn, become more confident, and experience mental exercise with some real life skills that we feel are important to reduce stress and add balance to their everyday lives. Our education and training has taught us that dogs may actually prefer to be pretty picky about what dogs they want to interact with. We know each dogs Playstyle is not suitable for all dogs. We will encourage walking on different surfaces, exposure to something new (sound, smell or texture), patience while waiting at entry ways and doors, appropriate play styles between dogs, and we reinforce your dogs known behaviors. Canine Learning Academy’s Education Daycare is for our training graduates, suitable for dogs that want ongoing care and continuing education.

For more information about our Daycare for our graduates, check out the Daycare Page.

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