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Expert Dog Training Classes in Long Beach, CA

Whether you’ve recently acquired a dog or you’ve been putting training off, these group dog training classes are for you! Come enjoy our fun and friendly trainers guide you and your pup in our  small class sizes for quality learning.

Dog Class

Topics Include:

  • Basic Manners
  • Increasing Distractions
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
  • Tricks
  • Service Dog Training
  • Dog Sports: Agility, Rally, Nosework…
  • And Much More!

Dog Training I (Junior High)

For ages 20 weeks and older

Did you just adopt a new rescue or shelter dog?

Do you regret not having trained your tiny puppy, who has now grown into a large dog that needs to learn some manners?

…then this class is for you! We will cover foundation skills and manners like sitting calmly, walking on leash without pulling, not jumping on people, and more. This class will teach you how to prevent obnoxious adolescent behaviors from becoming lifelong habits, and set your adult dog with a strong foundation of basic manners and everyday life-skills.

Dog Training 2 (High School)

For ages 20 weeks and older
Prerequisite: Dog Training 1 or Puppy K-1

Now that your dog knows the basics, it’s time to make things harder! This class is a continuation of Dog Training 1, and we will challenge them to resist distractions! Our goal will be to achieve more reliability and accuracy with our behaviors.

We will cover sit, down, stay, calm on-leash walking, heel, watch, no jumping, stand, go to bed, leave it, and more!

Dog Training 3 (Canine Good Citizen Prep)

For ages 20 weeks and older
Prerequisite: Dog Training 2


American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen Program is designed to reward dogs who demonstrate good manners in the community. In this class, we will practice all of the skill necessary to pass the CGC Test. We will work on sitting politely for petting, walking calming on leash, and many other skills that prove a dog’s social-savvy.

Passing the CGC Test can expedite acceptance into animal-assisted therapy programs, give you a discount on renters insurance, and accelerate your dog’s manners in public.

*Any dog can take the CGC Test, you don’t need to be AKC registered.

Dog Enrichment Class

For ages 16 weeks and older

This is similar to our puppy enrichment class, but for older dogs.

Is your dog shy in new places?

Are they nervous meeting new people or new dogs?

In this class, we provide safe and fun exposure to a variety of things that sometimes worry dogs. To build their confidence, each week we will slowly introduce things like skateboards, unusual scents, atypical surfaces, people wearing various clothing, children, noisemakers, food puzzles, pre-recorded sounds, and more!

No specific obedience behaviors, like sit or stay, are taught in this class. It’s all about encouraging your dog to be brave & explore! This class is perfect for rescue dogs and shy dogs. Please note, this class is not suitable for all dogs. Please contact us to make sure your dog is appropriate for class before enrolling.

Essential Skills Series

For All Ages

The Canine Learning Academy Essential Skill Series is a 4-part program comprising of: Leash Manners, Basic Household Manners, Come When Called and a fun Class to teach your dog some tricks to help around the house!

Walk This Way

Do you walk your dog, or does your dog walk you?

Taking your dog for a walk should be a joy, not a struggle. If your dog pulls, lunges, leaps, barks, or squirms on leash, this workshop is for you. We’ll focus on heel, leash control, distraction training, and more!

Important: This class is not suitable for dog that barks at other dogs. If you’re unsure if your dog is appropriate for this class, please contact us before enrolling.

Settle and Stay

Does your dog get rambunctious, overly excited, or uncontrollable sometimes?

This class focuses on self-control exercises that will help your dog be calm around distractions. We will teach dogs how to relax on a mat, settle around distractions, practice impulse control, and more! This class is perfect for newly adopted dogs and adolescents. 

Recall All Day

Does your dog come to you when called?

If not, then this class is for you! We’ll work on achieving a reliable and fast recall, getting your dog to turn on a dime when he hears you call. This is one of the most important behaviors that we can teach our dogs, that’s why we have a whole class dedicated to it!

If you dream of taking a relaxing walk with a dog who comes when called with enthusiasm and pays no attention to distractions, join us for this fun and important class!

My Little Helper

This is a fun class where we’ll be teaching dogs how to perform tricks that help you with everyday chores!

Teaching your dog to do useful tricks will not only be cute, but will provide mental stimulation, brain games, and physical exercise for your little helper. Dogs will learn how to turn on and off lights, how to put their toys away, how to open and close doors, and many more skills.

This is a great class for busy dogs or future service dogs!

Intro to Sporty Dog

Come explore Nosework, Agility, Rally Obedience, and Disk (Rollers)!

Intro to Sporty Dog is a class that allows you and your dog to sample different dog sports each week to find out what your dog might like.

Super Sporty Dog

Prerequisite: Intro to Sporty Dog

Once your dog has been introduced to each sport, we will dive a little deeper into each activity. This is a continuation of Intro to Sporty Dog, and we’ll begin to challenge your dog a little bit more with course setups, equipment conditioning, and drills. Come play with us, and keep your dog’s mind and body active!

Important Dog Training Class Requirements


People and Dog Friendly Dogs

All dogs participating in group classes must be friendly toward unfamiliar dogs and people.

If your dog lunges, barks, and/or growls at dogs or people, you will be asked to leave without a refund. If you are concerned about your dog’s suitability for group classes, we recommend that you contact us before enrolling. Our Private Training Program is specifically designed for dogs that prefer one-on-one attention.

Ready for a well-behaved dog? Purchase a Class Pass and start training today!

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